Family School Partnership

Frankie Lemmon School seeks to partner with families to learn from their expertise about their child, and to provide support for families as they navigate the many systems and resources available during this period of their child’s life. Our goal is to support families as engaged partners in our work with mutual trust and respect.

Parents are a child’s first teacher. Connecting home and school in positive and respectful ways, helps children to feel secure in transitioning between these two worlds each day. Our staff strives to build a partnership with our families to support children’s healthy development and learning. We hope that you will join us in building this relationship by participating in school events and activities, talking with staff when you have questions or want to share information about your child, and always know there are a team of people here who want to support you when you need it.

Family Support & Advocacy

School personnel go above and beyond to help families by serving as advocates, providing guidance, and connecting families with resources & information. Our school maintains an open-door policy for parents/guardians to seek input and advice from school professionals, not only during regular parent-teacher conferences, but on an as-needed basis. We strive to develop strong partnerships with families in order to build a solid connection between home and school.

Family School Partnership Days, parent workshops, parent teacher conferences, individual case management, home visits, and school wide celebrations are some of the opportunities we offer to help support our Frankie Lemmon families.

Family School Partnership Days

Family School Partnership Days are special events designed to provide time and space for parents and children to engage in an activity as part of the school community with the support of school staff.

Communication Folders

Communication Folders are provided for each child to give families information about the child’s day. They include contact information for teachers, therapists, and case managers. Daily sheets are provided that highlight a child’s experiences and care routines each day.

Parent Workshops

Parent Workshops are offered by the Frankie Lemmon School throughout the year free of charge. Some of the topics covered may include: Sign Language, Toilet Training, Kindergarten Readiness, and Behavior Management.

Parent Mingles

Parent Mingles are offered by the Frankie Lemmon School throughout the year as a space and opportunity to connect with other parents over coffee just after morning drop-off.