Frankie Lemmon School personnel go above and beyond to help families by serving as an advocate and source of information. Our school maintains an open door policy for parents/guardians to seek input and advice from school professionals, not only during regular parent-teacher conferences, but on an as-needed basis. We strive to develop strong partnerships with families in order to build the connection between home and school. 


Family School Partnership Days, parent workshops, parent teacher conferences, individual case management, home visits, and school wide celebrations are some of the opportunities we offer to help support our Frankie Lemmon families.

Family School Partnership Days

Family School Partnership Days are provided to encourage engagement and collaboration between families and the school. These occur once a month and are determined by Wake County Public Schools. Children who have IEPs through Wake County Public Schools do not have school on these days.

Home Visits

Home visits by our teachers and therapists are offered to each family at the beginning of each school year. Additional home visits can be performed during the school year if needed.

Parent Workshops

Parent Workshops are offered by the Frankie Lemmon School throughout the year free of charge. Some of the topics covered may include: Sign Language, Toilet Training, Kindergarten Readiness, and Behavior Management.

Family Advocacy Program

To help maximize each child’s potential, Frankie Lemmon School has created the Family Advocacy Program. The school is a source of information and advice for families learning to navigate the many challenges they face. School staff provides instruction to parents/guardians, as well as the child, and becomes closely involved with the family, providing much needed compassion, understanding, empathy, and support wherever and whenever possible. The school’s team continues to provide services and support to the child and family to ease the transition to elementary school, and if desired, long after the child leaves Frankie Lemmon School.