What is the Remote Learning Toolkit?

With COVID-19 greatly impacting our ability to serve our students and provide in person education and therapy, we turn to you to ask for your help. The past few months have been challenging for so many, and especially for parents. Stay-at-home orders and remote learning have necessitated that parents be more than just parents, but impromptu teachers and therapists as well. In order to provide our Frankie Lemmon families with the tools that they need to provide these services at home, we have created Remote Learning Toolkits to send home to each child. These remarkable toolkits allow our students to participate in classroom activities and teletherapy.
Each month, our Frankie Lemmon students will receive a Remote Learning Toolkit designed for them to supplement virtual speech, physical, and/or occupational therapy. For just $25 a month, you can help champion these efforts and provide a Remote Learning Toolkit to one of our students. We’d love for you to consider supporting throughout the year by making a monthly pledge that will help empower our families as we strive to unlock each of our children’s full potential!

Our Frankie Lemmon School Champions are the backbone that sustains our work, and these generous supporters are more than just kind; they are practical thinkers. They know that regular monthly giving allows our team to spend less time worrying about funding and devote more time to our mission, educating and celebrating children of all abilities, our Frankie Lemmon students.


Join this compassionate group of givers by making your pledge today!

12 Months, 12 Gifts, Lifelong Impact

$25 a month supplies a student with a Remote Learning Toolkit.