Cheetie Kumar is a woman of extraordinary talents. She is a James Beard nominated chef AND an incredibly talented musician. We are amazed at how she manages her multiple successful businesses, legendary culinary career and plays guitar in a rock band! We are so fortunate to have her support for Triangle Wine Experience and Frankie Lemmon School. Make sure you meet Cheetie at the Grand Gala & Auction!

1. Beach or Mountains-what beach or what mountains?
I am a beach person all the way- I love the North Carolina coast- Topsail, Surf City, Emerald Isle, Indian Beach, Carolina Beach- all have a special place in my heart.

2. Best Advice you’ve ever received?
Keep your chin up and keep learning.

3. Favorite mantra or words to live by?
This too shall pass. My mother used to say that all the time and I thought it was kind of morbid when I was a kid. I now see it as the ultimate wisdom- to stay in the moment. Savor the good while you have it and learn as much as you can from the bad. It keeps me from getting too caught up in life’s ups and downs and look beyond at what is most important.

4. Biggest Influence on your life (person or experience)?
I think traveling has taught me more than anything. I’ve done it in the context of playing music, cooking, being with friends, alone and with my husband. I love the mindset of being in a new place, open to anything and everything- ready to see what the day or night has in store. I also love how I see my hometown when I have just returned from a trip. 

5. How did you get involved with Frankie Lemmon?
I first was asked by Ashley Christensen to participate in the Triangle Wine Experience Gala a few years ago and learned about the wonderful work the foundation does. Every fundraiser I have been lucky enough to participate in has been a rewarding and wonderful experience. I have met some amazing people because it draws the most big hearted and generous people I have ever met!