Lemmon Tree Academy (LTA) was created to provide school-age students with disabilities the opportunity to continue receiving a high quality, comprehensive education after graduating from their early childhood experience at Frankie Lemmon School.

Provided the resources and opportunities at Lemmon Tree Academy, we facilitate growth and development for each of our students by strengthening relationships with their families and fostering strong community ties, as a building block for their future success. LTA consists of a collaborative group of professional educators and invested community members who value the idea that everyone benefits when each student is given the opportunity to unlock their potential.

Lemmon Tree Academy is a community-initiated, special education school offering a 1st grade intervention-based education. LTA nurtures the whole child through an integrated curriculum, comprehensive support, and a focus on the progress and needs of students. Our goal is to cultivate each individual’s innate skills and strengths while supporting area of need to fulfill long term goals for active and fulfilling participation in the community.

Our non-profit elementary school provides the environment for fostering hope through exceptional staff, specialized instruction, integrated therapies, and enrichment activities for all students based on individual needs. These services are provided in a warm, nurturing environment that builds partnerships with families as they advocate for their children.

The Inaugural Year!

We couldn’t be more excited to be piloting a school-age program where we’ll have the opportunity to expand our services to students in elementary school. We look forward to extending our partnership with our Frankie Lemmon families as we continue to provide the highest quality learning experiences, therapies, and family-school partnership activities for our first 1st grade year.