GivingTuesday Campaign

Frankie Lemmon School will always hold a special place in our hearts. Having a child with special needs alters a lot of things, and life can be more challenging. But having a school, and support system to help navigate those challenges makes all the difference. When Judson started at the Frankie Lemmon School he could not walk, could not talk, and was unable to feed himself independently. Judson is our WHY, he is why we work so hard to support a school that taught him all these skills, and so much more. A school that encouraged him to grow and still challenged him to work hard. Although Judson has graduated from Frankie Lemmon there are still so many families that look to the Frankie Lemmon School to help their child with special needs. During this season of Giving we would ask you to consider supporting The Frankie Lemmon School,  and all those children that need a little “extra” to learn and grow.

Frankie Lemmon School continues to tackle the challenges brought on by COVID-19, and the impact it has had on education, especially for children with special needs. Operations at Frankie Lemmon continue to look different from a “normal” school year. Our workplace protocols and daily habits all have been altered as a result – as has our everyday work that we simply took for granted, including the way we teach, provide therapies, and raise funds.

We persist in reimagining how we can continue to serve our children and families, as well as raise the much-needed funds to provide our crucial services. At Frankie Lemmon, we have welcomed these challenges and used them to push ourselves to find new ways forward; to innovate, to be resourceful, and to continue on.

As our school, teachers, and staff continue to adapt to these challenges presented, one thing remains unchanged – our relliance on those who believe in our mission and the work we do each day at Frankie Lemmon, and the investment they make in the future of our students.

State and County funding provide less than 35% of the funds needed to support the school each year, which leaves the rest up to generous donors like you.

The average cost of the comprehensive education provided to each Frankie Lemmon student is roughly $32,000 each year. Here is what your donation can provide:

$25 – Adapted Eating Utensils 

$50 – Therapeutic Pressure Vest

$100 – Adaptive Chair

$250 – GoTalk Communication Aid

$500 – Additional Cleaning and PPE Supplies for a Classroom

$1,000 – Stock a Classroom with Educational Supplies

$2,500 –  Sponsor a Child’s Feeding Therapy for an Entire Month

$5,000 – SMART Board for Adaptive Learning

$10,000 – Playground Equipment and Maintenance

Every dollar is a step closer to helping the Frankie Lemmon children blossom.