Susan Karanja
#GivingTuesday Campaign

This year I have been blessed and fortunate to become a teacher at Frankie Lemmon School. I am so impressed with the staff’s dedication to the best interests of our students, the support of the foundation and administration, and most of all by the students that continue to amaze us each and every day. I am an inclusion teacher meaning half of my students have an IEP to meet their educational needs and half of them do not. This is a beautiful setting where each child is valued for who and where they are and students are taught to be caring, accepting, and inclusive friends.

In our classroom we have done activities such as making applesauce and pumpkin pie in a cup, teaching playground games like Duck Duck Goose, and creating a bakery to assist in our bread study. The support of generous donors is what helps us to create these experiences and lifelong memories for our students. Thank you for considering donating and helping us continue the wonderful work we do here.