Marsha Hargette

GivingTuesday Campaign

Having a child with special needs is a journey that is often filled with a tight heart, held breath, and quiet tears. But this journey is also filled with more beauty than most could ever possibly imagine. Even with held breath, my heart explodes because I see things my daughter can do that others said would never be possible. So the quiet tears end up being tears of joy.

Parker, my nine-year-old daughter, is my ‘Why.’ She is the reason I do what I do. She is the reason I am passionate about the work at Frankie Lemmon School. I have seen firsthand the impact that a school like Frankie Lemmon makes on a child and a family. In Parker’s life, we have been blessed with people and places that have been champions for her. They believed in her and knew she had abilities and potential that others in the world didn’t. They showed me a little girl who could do big things… and big things she has done. She walks, talks and plays when we were told she would do none of that. Her life has been full of challenges, but along the way we’ve had places like Frankie Lemmon that were filled with teachers and therapists who believed in her and challenged her. Frankie Lemmon is a school filled with life-changing teachers and therapists who fill the walls with hope and love. Our community is blessed to have a place like Frankie Lemmon, not only for children but for families. Frankie Lemmon invests in children and builds a foundation for families to navigate what lies ahead confidently.

I am sharing this with you to ask you to consider investing in children and families like mine. GivingTuesday, which is November 29th, is one of Frankie Lemmon’s biggest fundraisers. So I ask you to please consider giving what you can by clicking on the link below. Every little bit helps us reach our goal, and it makes a massive difference for those walking this journey.