David and Carolyn McGowan

#GivingTuesday Campaign

For nearly 60 years, the Frankie Lemmon School has transformed the lives of over 1,900 children and their families in our community by providing exceptional early childhood education, therapies and enrichment, family support and more – all to provide those we serve with the foundation to reach their full potential. Their mission is simple – to celebrate and educate children of all abilities. All this is made possible by a community that wraps its arms around our school and our mission, who believe in the work being done each day and who generously support it.

Over the last 8 years since David graduated from Frankie Lemmon School, we have seen tremendous growth! His ability to communicate verbally and navigate his environment (in school, in the community and at home) wouldn’t be possible without the foundational skills provided to him and the love and support they provided to us as parents while he attended the blessing that is the Frankie Lemmon School.

Being a parent of a child with special needs brings many challenges – endless hours of therapy, numerous doctor appointments, mountains of tears from frustration & fear, and accommodations we make to everyday life. But amidst all of these challenges come intense amounts of joy; joy that we know happens when the littlest of milestones is achieved. We’ve witnessed them first hand and the tears shed from them are tears of JOY.

David continues to thrive in middle school. The attention he is receiving is so similar to that of the classroom setting at Frankie Lemmon with low teacher to student ratios and a classroom setting that supports more one to one care. Having been in a setting like this in the past for him has made his middle school experience pretty much seamless. None of this would’ve been possible without Frankie Lemmon and it’s amazing teachers, therapists and staff. The love and dedication they give to their students is beyond special. You see, it’s not just a school but it’s a family.

Here is what your donation can provide:

$25 – Adapted Eating Utensils
$50 – Books for Lemmon-Lending Library
$100 – Adaptive Chair
$250 – Alternative Communication Applications
$500 – Sponsor a Parent Workshop
$1,000 – Sponsor a School Field Trip
$2,500 –  Provide a New Laptop to a Teacher
$5,000 – Sponsor Music Therapy for an Entire Semester

Every dollar is a step closer to helping our children blossom! THANK YOU in advance for your generosity and support of the children AND families of the Frankie Lemmon School.

With love,

Carolyn and David