Alan Hughes

#GivingTuesday Campaign

Why Frankie Lemmon School Matters to Me and My Family

Many of you have met Landon Peed. Landon, one of my nephews, is a “graduate” of the Frankie Lemmon School. Landon now is a 8th grader at Friendship Christian School and for the first year joining his brothers in the same school. While Landon is blessed to have two terrific parents who deserve credit in his developmental progress, a large portion of Landon’s success is also owed to the foundation in learning that was provided by the staff at Frankie Lemmon School. The loving teachers and staff led by “Miss Rebecca” truly have been the building blocks for so many Frankie Lemmon families including ours. The commitment of the staff coupled with their care and interest in every student’s journey to be the best they can be is unmatched.

This time of year we pause and take the opportunity to express our “thanks” and gratefulness for the many gifts and blessings that we have. Landon (aka DJ SugarFoot) and I respectfully ask that you take just a couple of minutes to help us make an impact. Your generosity will go toward enabling the Frankie Lemmon School to continue their mission of serving families. YOU can be a part of helping the school HELP families that are working hard to give their children the best chances to achieve successful learning just as Landon has. Please join us in making a difference by giving now to Frankie Lemmon School.

Here is a quick list of the impact of your gift.

State and County funding provides less than 30% of the funds needed to support the school each year, which leaves the rest up to generous donors like you.

The average cost of the comprehensive education provided to each Frankie Lemmon student is roughly $45,000 each year.

Here is what your donation can provide:

$25 – Adapted Eating Utensils
$50 – Books for Lemmon-Lending Library
$100 – Adaptive Chair
$250 – Alternative Communication Applications
$500 – Sponsor a Parent Workshop
$1,000 – Sponsor a School Field Trip
$2,500 –  Provide a New Laptop to a Teacher
$5,000 – Sponsor Music Therapy for an Entire Semester