The school’s curriculum is designed to encourage growth in all areas for children with and without special needs, including social emotional, fine motor, early learning, self-help, gross motor, science, technology, math, and communication to reflect the development of the whole child. Frankie Lemmon School is unique in its focus on communication skills and personal independence. It has pioneered a teaching program that utilizes a combination of verbalizations, signs, pictures, symbols, and voice output devices to support children’s communication development. In fact, the school was a leader in the area in adoption of sign language, which enhances children’s ability to communicate while developing verbal skills.

A Birth-Kindergarten certified teacher and a full-time teacher assistant for each class.

At least one part-time assistant is available as needed for each classroom. Further support is provided by a group of generous, caring volunteers.

The child-to-teacher ratio at Frankie Lemmon School is 1:6 or lower, allowing optimal focus on the needs of each child.

All classrooms are equipped with iPads, a SMART Board, and other assistive technology.

Music Therapy, Movement Class, Pet Therapy, and Language and Communication Group Sessions are offered to all children.

Breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack are provided during the school day. We partner with the Child and Adult Care Food Program and the Farm to Childcare initiative to offer fresh and local menu items to our students.

Research shows that children who receive a high-quality early childhood experience:

  • Achieve more and are engaged learners who actively participate in school
  • Lead healthier lives & develop a stronger sense of self
  • Become effective members of their communities
  • Are more confident, independent and successful adults